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We are pleased to bring you information as it relates to non toxic or less toxic adhesives / less toxic glues. While most any type of adhesive or glue is available (they send people to the moon) it may be a challenge for many people, especially those suffering with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity), to find an adhesive / glue that is non toxic for them. 

The glues used in building products contribute to the offgassing which forms the "chemical soup" in the air quality of living environments. Following are adhesives that we believe are indeed the least toxic for us and therein may be likewise for yourself. Choosing these we believe we were able to enhance the air quality of our various building products.


The Public must demand healthy homes and living environments:  we have the non toxic materials AND we have the Technology.

Let Your Light Forever Be Bright.


AFM Safecoat: Doctor recommended safe building products.


A fabuous non toxic adhesive that we love to recommend, promote and use in our building projects are those "doctor recommended" adhesives manufactered in the USA by AFM Safecoat: 3 IN 1 and their Almighty Adhesive. In fact all of their LEED-compliant building products / coatings are used by my above mentioned friend and guru in this non toxic awareness and ALERTNESS challenge.


AFM Safecoat Almighty Adhesive: LEED-compliant Glue


In the CBR Product blog pages we wrote about the 3 in 1 Adhesive by Safecoat was used to bond the plywood and high-density foam the the building of Safehaven's Woodbridge's Home's Sensory Room. As mentioned this paste reminds me of finger painting and being odour free and fast curing is most wonderful to work with.



Each person's sensitivity to chemicals varies and is unique to oneself. Owing to that it is better to know your comfort factor before using the building materials here is a process that can help you in your selection process:

Requirements: A glass container similar to casserole dish with a glass lid. Place the product to be tested within - seal - leave it within for 12 hours - when you open the lid you will smell and feel what effect it has on you. If it has no effect on you then you can have confidence when the building project has been completed that it is indeed the least toxic.

We initially were going to use this one-page website to only celebrate the following case study in Non Toxic Adhesive and thought instead to celebrate many adventures into using the adhesives we recommend herein.

Here is a great non toxic adhesive that is made in the U.S.A.  Eco-Building Resource, in Aurora, Ontario, Canada is pleased to supply you with the Eco Bond Adhesives product line: The proprietor Kevin Royce provided my Client (Friend, Mentor & Guru) with this non toxic adhesive which both Kevin and later the manufacturer assured us would solve our problem of finding a glue that could both be applied to mirror silver to adhere to the walll (without eating away and degrading the mirror silver) AND moreover and definitely most important for my Client was that it be the least toxic: My Client must deal with their extreme chemical sensitivity and thus (must) meticulously build their healthy homes to the ultimate in perfection in terms of achieving non toxic living environments.


Great news came to us at the beginning of 2014 in that the adhesive hadn't degraded the mirror silver and that the Customer is elated: they knew when they put it up that the Eco Bond adhesive was least toxic for the purpose of bonding mirror to a wall. Itès now 2018 and the mirror is still looking great.

When you need someone to build non toxic building style what you are building or if you need someone to help you in your non toxic building projects we can network you to trusted tradespeople in Greater Toronto Area of Ontario Canada. We also have a network of friends around the world who may also be helpful.
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Eco Building Resource: Kevin Royce Interview

View this Interview video with Kevin Royce of Eco Building Resources


Buy non toxic adhesive with CBR Products: Call: 1.888.311.5339
Visit CBR Product's to choose a Leed-compliant coating for wood, stone, masonry and concrete.


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We are so very fortunate to know Safe Living Technologies Inc. ( one of the leading experts in EMR Mitigation (Electromagnetic Radiation) in Canada, the USA and around the world. Vistit their website to buy EMF Meters other products and service. Great site for education and sourcing important non partisan information.

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